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High-efficiency Mill



High-efficiency  mill is applicable to mill dry and brittle materials, which can reduce the diameter of material granules.

Working principle

The milling function of universal mill is realized in each level of milling chamber. The materials are entered into the work room under the control of insert plate after loaded in the hopper, and then entered into the level one to four milling chambers composed by movable milling plate and fixed milling plate step by step under the action of centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of movable milling plate. Materials are milled under the comprehensive action of shocking, cutting and grinding of milling knife as well as mutual collision of materials. The milled materials are discharged through screen cloth. The fineness of powder can be realized by changing screen cloth of different pore diameters (meshes). 


1)The machine has simple and firm structure, stable operation, and good milling effect.

2)The operation is simple, and requirement can be met only by changing screen cloth of different   meshes.

Main technical parameters

Production capacity (kg/h)


Milling fineness (mesh)


Particle size of feeding materials (mm)


Diameter of movable fluted disc (mm)


Rotary speed of main shaft (rpm)


Motor power (kW)


Boundary dimension (length×width×height) (mm)