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AUSTAR C-RABS filling system is applicable to the accurate filling of sterile APIs in sterile workshop. The machine consists of automatic filling system, air filtering and circulating s ystem, isolation glove, C-RABS main frame, PLC control unit, inlet air lock, outlet air lock, and other functional units/components.

The whole C-RABS filling system separates the materials from the ambient environment to realize containment filling. The whole system can carry out the transfer of aluminum drums, sterile APIs filling, weighing, sampling, sealing, capping, and transferring; all manual operations are realized through isolation gloves; under the enclosed environment, safety air exchange can be realized by air fan filtration unit (HEPA filter) to maintain sterile environment during the production process and protect product safety; the C-RABS filling system can realize online monitoring of the pressure, temperature and humidity, and air velocity in each isolated working chamber; moreover, it supports online CIP/SIP function. It adopts professional design in compliance with EU GMP and FDA production requirements, having good stability and reliability.