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Product characteristics:

It is applicable to sterile testing of the products; the isolator chamber is kept under positive pressure. Grade A environment can be provided to realize the minimal interference from false positive during sterile testing; it adopts professional design in compliance with EU GMP and FDA requirements, having good stability and reliability; the containment level is designed and tested in strict accordance with ISO14644 standard.

Product presentation:

Overall dimensions: 2990 x950 x2100 (length x thickness x height);

Dimensions of inner chamber: main operation chamber of 2040 x 644 x 733, pass-through chamber of 880 x 644 x 733 (length x thickness x height);

Quantity of gloves: four gloves for main operation chamber, two gloves for the pass-through chamber;

Air velocity: 0.3-0.5m/s for main operation chamber and 0.2-0.4m/s for the pass-through chamber, vertical laminar flow;

Positive pressure inside the inner chamber: 30 to 60Pa in main operation chamber; 15 to 30Pa in the pass-through chamber;

Cleanliness: under Grade D (ISO Class 8) background environment, the cleanliness of the inner chamber can reach Grade A (ISO Class5);

Filter: the fresh air, return air, and exhaust air will all be two-stage filtered by G4 primary filter and HEPA H14 filter.

Quantity of fresh air: 0 to 30% of total air supply;